80 Pack PET Clear Top Cover for Seedling Tray

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Suitable for:

Hydroponic grass seedling trays – no holes, solid bottom

Seedling trays – fine-hole bottom

Seedling trays – perforated mesh bottom

Dimensions: 55.7 cm x 28.9 cm x 19 cm.

Suitable for trays with dimensions of 54 cm x 28 cm.


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Transparent Cover

The transparent cover is a device used for seedling trays, aiming to create a mini greenhouse effect that completely changes the way your seeds germinate and seedlings grow. This innovative and reusable cover is perfect for avid gardeners and horticulture enthusiasts who want to provide ideal conditions for their seeds, resulting in strong and healthy beginnings.

Key features:

High-quality material: Our transparent cover is made of durable transparent plastic, ensuring optimal light transmission while maintaining excellent humidity and temperature control. This ensures that your seedlings receive sufficient light and warmth, promoting robust growth.

Mini greenhouse effect: The transparent cover traps moisture and heat, simulating a greenhouse environment that facilitates faster seed germination, stronger seedling growth, and reduces transplant shock. This means you’ll enjoy more successful cultivation and abundant harvests.

Ventilation control: The adjustable ventilation openings on the transparent cover allow you to regulate air circulation and humidity levels, preventing mold growth and providing a perfect balance of moisture and fresh air for your seedlings.

Convenient to use and clean: The transparent cover is easy to place on top of the seedling tray, and its transparency allows you to monitor the progress of your seedlings effortlessly. When transplanting is needed, simply remove the cover and wash it with warm soapy water for reuse in the next planting season.

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 55 × 60 × 55 cm


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