100 Pack Black HDPE Plastic Air Root Pruning Pot

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Product Name:HDPE Air pruning pot

Material:High quality HDPE material

Size:2-100 gallon( size can be customized)


Accessories:screw,round bottom




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CXY-HDPE Air Pruning Pot Details

Made of HDPE and PP materials and has a lifespan of 4- 8 years. It is reusable.

Consists mainly of pot walls, a base, and plastic screws.

Custom sizes are available according to specific needs.

The bottom of the container has a unique hole structure that controls the winding of the main root.

The unique hole structure of the root control device provides air pruning functionality, effectively improving survival rates and preventing root entanglement.


CXY Air Pruning Pot Features

Easy Transplantation: These pots have a removable structure, making transplantation easy, especially for long-distance moves. This feature reduces the risk of transplant shock, which is a common issue when relocating plants. By minimizing transplant shock, the survival rate of plants can be increased.


Beneficial for Plant Growth: Air root pruning pots promote healthy root development. They encourage the growth of thick and short lateral roots, preventing the formation of tangled and coiled roots. This is a significant improvement over traditional container seedlings, which often suffer from root tangling. With robust and vigorous root growth, plants can better absorb nutrients and water, leading to overall healthier growth.


Reusable and Recyclable: These garden propagation pots are made from high-quality environmental materials, ensuring durability and flexibility. They are designed to resist cracking or breaking, allowing for long-term use. Additionally, these pots are recyclable, making them an environmentally friendly choice.


Versatile Usage: Garden propagation pots can be used for various purposes, including cuttings, seed germination, and transplanting with soil or soilless mediums. They are particularly advantageous for cultivating and transplanting large seedlings, as well as for seasonal transplanting and transplantation under harsh conditions. These multi-functional pots can accommodate different plant types and adapt to different growing environments.


CXY HDPE Air Pruning Pot

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 95 × 25 × 30 cm


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